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Random Thought: Systems Thinking

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·Mar 19, 2022·

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The first time I learned about systems thinking was from this talk by DR. Russel Ackoff:

It was a fascinating point of view that one can't improve the quality of a system as a whole by improving the performance of one component. Thinking about this, we can expand the idea to any area of our life.

As a #SoftwareEngineer, I can relate it to any system I'm working on. The list can go on and on with other areas like education, society, economy, etc.

I was studying the #Covid19 #pandemic topic, and it made me realize the fact (just like how Ackoff said) what crucial having a holistic view of the systems can play and what awful harm it’ll be when decisions are made in isolation. is a website designed around the same idea as a collaborative platform to visualize how everything in our world is dependent on each other.

Originally tweeted by Shahin (@Shahinism) on March 19, 2022.

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