First Post


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First Post

A couple of years ago I was considering myself a blogger, with a decent archive of the blog posts (all in Persian) on topics that were interesting to me at the time. However, in the last few years, I couldn’t manage my time good enough to keep the habit of writing.

It’s a while since I have become to conclusion that the activity of writing, is crucial to my self-improvement process. For most of my professional career, I’m a remote developer, with a close to zero chance of sharing exciting topics and ideas with other developers face to face. So sharing blog posts over the internet may be the next best option I can find. Well, I’m going to go back to blogging again.

The size of the writing doesn’t matter. As long as it is interesting to me, I’ll write and share it. The subjects may vary based on my main area of focus at the time. They can cover a simple new command line trick I learned the other day, an advanced programming technique we learned and used on a team project or just some comments on a book I read recently. I’m considering this blog, as my public journal, without any significant necessity of rules to limit my writings with.

I guess that’s enough for the first post on the new blog. Hope I can keep up and help my future self as much as I can 😉