AI is here; what's your plan?

AI is here; what's your plan?


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Over a decade ago, big data became a buzzword, and everyone envisioned a future where data-driven decision-making would be the norm. However, fast forward to today, and we still find ourselves selling Excel sheets as pricing models to companies or repackaging Redshift with a seven-figure price tag to address all data-related issues.

This was the case with a predictable technological concept that any average modern individual could easily understand.

If we can clarify the data and present it in a simplified, meaningful manner, we can depend on it to guide or forecast the outcomes of the decisions we make.

I see the same hype emerging again with the introduction of ChatGPT and its accessibility to the public. This time, however:

  1. We cannot predict what to expect from it. Even now, in its early stages, it generates results that experts in the field cannot explain.

  2. The accessibility of ChatGPT to the general public has increased to the point where it is now trending on social media.

Based on our experience with Big Data in the current landscape, I believe we can make a reliable prediction:

There are ample opportunities for profit, catering to experts and novices alike!

Therefore, it is reasonable to regard learning and adapting ChatGPT as a sound investment for both:

  1. Leveraging its features to enhance our performance in learning and decision-making.

  2. Acquiring the skills to build upon it and develop new products.

I'm pretty eager to witness that future, regardless.

PS: I'm aware of the practical applications of Big Data. However, my discussion here focused on the darker aspects of real-world status.

Image Reference: Gartner D&A Summit 2023